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For the best supplier of meat and fine foods in the area you need look no further than Rowledge.

Michael Humphries' shop in Rowledge provides the finest foods in  the area with advice on preperation where required.

For more information contact Mike at:

M.R Humphries

Email: info@michaelhumphries.co.uk


Cumpsteys Corner

The Long Rd




GU10 4DQ

Tel: 01252 792 204

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Michael Wins South East Champion Award for 2012 in the Butcher Category.:

".. “This is a great story of dedication to high quality butchery. Michael Humphries started in the butchery trade at the age of fifteen by sweeping the floors and washing up – since then he has worked in small shops, large shops, supermarkets and abattoirs and is recognised as a Master Butcher. For the last 29 years he has had his own village butcher’s shop in Rowledge, Surrey. He has built this business up from being on the verge of closure to what some would now regard as a ‘local institution’. Michael opened the farm shop in November 2011. The aim was to provide high quality locally produced meat, poultry and game in a very rural area, to promote the butcher’s shop and to provide a service that is not readily available in our fast-paced society. This is very much a local country business and great care is taken to ensure that local produce is sourced as much as possible. Michael has a very good longstanding relationship with local farmers and more than 60% of the meat, poultry and game that is sold is produced from local farms in Surrey and Hampshire. These animals are bred and raised in fields within a five mile radius of the shop. Beef and lamb are fed on grain produced locally whilst the free range pigs roam in nearby woodland. A local abattoir in Farnborough is used, ensuring the animals are not stressed when they arrive, owing to the short transport time from farmer to abattoir; a sustainable practice which reduces their carbon footprint. Michael has over 50 years’ experience in the butchery trade and it is our privilege to honour him.”